Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Book Review} Never Too Little to Love By Jeanne Willis Illustrated By Jan Fearnley

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Candlewick Press
First U.S. Small format edition 2013
Ages 3-7

goodreads summary Whimsical watercolors illustrate a comical, cumulative tale of an amorous mouse who aims impossibly high -- and learns that you're never too little (or too big) to love. Tiny Too-Little loves someone who's very, very tall, and Tiny wants a kiss. What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a thimble? What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a matchbox on top of a thimble? Clever cut-away pages show Tiny's precarious pile growing higher and higher, while the object of his affection stays just out of reach. When the teetering stack finally falls with a crash, will his hopes be dashed? How can a tiny mouse get the kiss he needs?

Never Too Little to Love was one of the cutest and sweetest books that I've read in a really long time. It begins with the determination of a sweet little mouse, bound and determined to give his love a tiny little kiss. But there is just one dilemma, getting there would be hard. She is a little out of reach. So Tiny Too-Little puts his thinking cap on and decides that he will make it happen. One of the strengths that stands out the most in this little book is it's shape. It is just the right size for any young and budding reader. It is presented in stages with card stock type pages that actually keep the reader engaged in the story line until the very end. The illustrations are colorful and vibrant. Lastly, I could hear the silent cheers for Tiny Too-Little as he makes his way to his love!

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