Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{A Mid-Week Moment} The Copernicus Legacy-The Forbidden Stone: The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits!

So my youngest wanted to share with me what he was currently reading.  I love it when he gets so excited about reading.  He then asked if I had something new for him to read.  I'm thinking I'll be checking this series out for sure!

The Quest Begins 
in THE COPERNICUS LEGACY: THE FORBIDDEN STONE, the first book in the middle grade series from bestselling author Tony Abbott. 
With intrigue, puzzles, and action, The Copernicus Legacy is a thrilling experience not to be missed.

Do You Have What it Takes 
to find the relics and save the fate of the world? Join the Relic Hunt and become part of the adventure! 
Four lucky winners (and their chaperones) will win a chance to compete in The Copernicus Legacy Relic Hunt—a real-life quest inspired by Book 1 in the series: THE FORBIDDEN STONE.  

Crack The Copernicus Code 
using the cypher to solve as many coded messages as you can before time runs out!

Watch Tony Abbott 
play a word association game with the Copernicus Legacy!

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