Saturday, January 11, 2014

{Book Review} The Darkest Path By: Jeff Hirsch + Giveaway

Young Adult Fiction
September 24, 2013
Scholastic Press

Including a country at war with its self and a cultish regime that threatens to tear apart two brothers, the Darkest Path strikes you as a hauntingly original novel. With Darkest Path being his third book, Jeff Hirsch shows improvement in his mastery of storytelling. On a whole, Hirsch’s writing really shines when he creates scenes of tension and turmoil. It’s the dramatics that pull the reader in and invoke such strong emotions. But lets not forget about how he also manages to create great characters that helps set his writing apart.

Set in a modernistic world, America struggles in a civil war between the US government and a crazy cult regime named the Glorious Path. Caught at a young age by the regime, Callum and his brother James struggle to sustain loyalties. Callum works hard to earn a role in the regime with a viscous dog trainer to support James who has an asthma problem. One day Cal befriends a dog that forces him to act against his boss who wants to turn the dog into a monstrosity. This forces Cal and James to go on the run sending them on a journey that will change his life forever. Through out his journey Cal faces terrible obstacles that ultimately shows him where his true path lays. Jeff Hirsch shows his writing talent in his best book yet, demanding a share of the limelight in the young adult genre. With his extreme character and dramatic writing Hirsch leaves me after reading his book, hoping for a sequel.

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