Friday, January 3, 2014

{The Beginning of Something New}

A Leisure Moment consist of reviews ranging from children's books, middle level and young adult fiction.  We may include an occasional inspirational title, however all books will be elementary, middle and/or secondary level appropriate.

A book and a blog brought us closer together in this literary world of amazing reading.  All of our young adult reviews and other genres can still be found at our sister site, Once Upon a Twilight, founded by Yara Santos.  However, A Leisure Moment is an answer to the many requests that I've received.  "Where can I also send my students for the latest and greatest, as well as classics?"  We hope this is an answer!

This blog will be a hobby of what Joshua and I love to do, Read, Reflect and Review.  Our overall goal will be to continue to present to our readers quality and meaningful reviews and reflections about literature.  As time goes by we hope to add more features.  But for now reviews are the main focus.  Our work and school schedule will limit our postings, but always know that OUaT is just another click away.

Lastly, the picture to your right (and below in its original color) was taken by my childhood friend Michael Shaffer, many years ago while he was stationed in Germany.  From time to time, I would incorporate his natural photos into writing lessons for my students.  This was one of my favorites.  For me, it is the symbolism of beauty within one simple stem and its petals.  It reminds me of a book.  We examine it.  The cover.  The back.  The spine.  Then we capture it.  Page, by page.  It's preserved in our mind, in many cases staying with us forever.  Just like the flower, captured by the lens of a camera.  Words are captured by the pen.  Crafted just right for readers to enjoy.



Photographer:  Michael Shaffer


M@W BBQ said...

Nice blog! Can't wait to read some reviews and find some new reading material.

TwilightWildflower said...

Thanks for stopping by. Our first review will post next week.

Once Upon a Twilight said...

Very excited for you Dee, i know you have been pondering on this idea for sometime and I am just thrilled the day has finally arrived.